Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference (TTeC 2004): New deadline for abstracts is 16 February 2004.

The Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference takes place from 21 to 23 June 2004. The theme for this year's conference is "Citizen participation in eHealth: Challenges for research, technologies and health care organisations".

A report about local medical centres with decentralised specialist services and telemedicine is now being printed.

An Australian research project is studying the use of virtual reality (VR) in the education of health workers and the treatment related to patients diagnosed with schizophrenia. VR can improve insight into the inner world of the patients, and can also provide a tool in the treatment of this disease.
Several educational courses are now available to health workers in Norwegian municipalities. With the help of information and communication technology (ICT), more health workers can have access to both education and tuition. In the long term this can contribute to the stability and the recruitment of personnel in the municipalities of Norway.
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Tromsø Telemedicine Conference 2003
"Telemedicine is an outstanding tool for creating peace." The chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Professor Ole D Mjøs, said this in his opening speech at the Tromsø Telemedicine Conference in Tromsø, Norway, today. He believes that health workers have a special responsibility to promote peace in the world, and that health professionals in many situations have a unique opportunity to function as bridge builders in conflict areas.
The Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine is participating in the project "Wireless Health and Care". The objective of the project is to develop solutions for and demonstrate applications of wireless data transmission and wireless networks in the public health service. The other participants are Abelia AS, Memscap AS, the Norwegian Computing Center, IBM Norway, Rikshospitalet University Hospital, the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Institute of Technology (SINTEF) and Telenor Communication II AS.
Employees at the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine have new telephone numbers.
Tromsø 1 July 2003: It will now be much simpler for patients to contact the public health service over the Internet. On Monday 30 June, the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine (NST) released software which will make it easier to meet the strict security requirements for this type of information exchange.
The National Centre of Competence for old-age dementia and Net based Education (NKU) at the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine, have in collaboration developed a net based course about dementia that's named "Learn dementia with broadband". This is a project that is supported by Høykom, and Norway's research council. The project started in the autumn 2002.
The University Hospital of North Norway (UNN) / Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine (NST), in cooperation with the Northern Norwegian Health Network (NH), is taking part in the eHealth Awards competition. The objective is to choose Europe's best eHealth solution. The eHealth Awards (www.e-europeawards.org) will be presented in connection with the High-Level eHealth Conference in Brussels, Belgium, on 22-23 May 2003.
Joint venture between NST, Well Diagnostics and SND
Tromsø: On Monday 7 April, we will celebrate the completion of a project in which the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine worked together with Well Diagnostics to develop new telemedicine and communication solutions for the public health service. The Norwegian Industrial and Regional Development Fund (SND) has supported the project through the OFU scheme for public sector research and development contracts. The solutions developed have promoted North Norway's position as the leading health region in electronic messaging.