Patients take the plunge into Web 2.0

All over the world, million of users are generating their own health information on the Internet, both on blogs and on YouTube. A new survey shows that patients feel that they learn a great deal in this way, and that they can trust the information they find.
Researchers, stakeholders and health authorities are building one of the biggest testbeds for new telemedicine services ever developed. And it is all happening in the far reaches of Europe.
Jan-Are Kolset Johnsen, NST.
New PhD study:
It is a timeworn myth that all health work should take place face to face. On the contrary, discussions on Internet forums can result in better communication and better diagnoses. This is the finding of new research from the Norwegian Centre for Telemedicine.
The future of healthcare technology has no wires. Researchers at Norut and TTL have proven that point by creating a wireless system for personalised health care.

Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2008:
The opening of the Tromsø office of Friprogsenteret - National Competence Centre for Free Software in Norway was strategically timed to coincide with the Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2008.
Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2008:
The introduction of teledermatology in the Netherlands has been a great success, and it has resulted in savings for society, says Bas Van Nispen from KSYOS TeleMedical Centre in Amsterdam.
Bridget Kane.
Tromsø Telemedicine and e-Health Conference 2008:
Studies from Ireland show that teleconferencing results in greater involvement, and participants obtain more information than in face-to-face meetings.
Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2008:
In the United Kingdom, an initiative has been launched to gather all patient records in one large database. This process is now coming to a complete halt. The system is illegal and unsafe, and it does not work, maintains Professor Ross Anderson from the University of Cambridge.
Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2008:
The health services of the future will be centred on the patient and not on the hospital, the way they are today, says Bill Crounse from Microsoft.
Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2008:
Norway has an old-fashioned, expensive health system which is not adapted to the population's need for accessible health services, says Harvard professor Clayton M. Christensen.
Tromsø Telemedicine and eHealth Conference 2008:
Listening to consumers in product development is important, said Anna Kirah in an inspiring presentation at the annual telemedicine conference in Tromsø, TTeC 2008.
The health sector is complex. This makes it challenging to create new systems that will meet the needs of doctors, nurses, bioengineers, and secretaries. Streamlining and improving this process is the aim of research to be conducted by Liv Karen Johannessen at Well Diagnostics.
Paul Chaffey, Abelia.
Paul Chaffey to speak at this year's telemedicine conference:
Things happen fast in the world of IT. With a few keystrokes on the PC you can pay bills and book flights. But can you use your computer to get in touch with the hospital?