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The innovative capacity of the health services must be developed and improved to meet the future challenges that are described in the Integrated Health Care Reform. The Government has made innovation in health care an area of focus since 2007. To take part in this initiative, NST is continuing the development of its cooperation with the primary and municipal health services, together with relevant communities of experts, researchers and users. The aim is to contribute to the development and introduction of solutions and services that use and realize the potential of telemedicine and e-health.

Innovation in health care in general, and telemedicine innovations in particular, are complex processes. A key feature of innovation in the health sector is systematic and large-scale implementation of new knowledge, new and improved work processes and new solutions.

Success in large-scale expansion requires excellent organizational understanding, management commitment and management involvement. Collaborative technology has great potential for innovation in the health sector.

Through TTL (Tromsø Telemedicine Laboratory), NST strengthens its research-based approach to innovation in interaction between research, education and business. In this way, NST supports the national initiatives and programmes in health care support.


Innovation and Implementation consists of three sections: Health Services Development, E-learning and System Developers. In addition, NST manages the TTL website.

Health Services Development

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Tromsø Telemedicine
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