The Norwegian Centre for Integrated Care and Telemedicine (NST) has become an IAP Ambassador Platform (AP) for telemedicine and e-health

NST will act as an Ambassador Platform for the Integrated Application Promotions (IAP) Programme of ESA (European Space Agency).

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IAP Programme

The Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Programme aims at developing a range of new applications by using and integrating different available space assets, resulting in viable and sustainable services for the benefit of society. Intrinsic to these new applications is the added value of space assets in facilitating them, and the sustainability of the resulting services ensured by the user-driven nature of the IAP programme.


The objective of the Ambassador Platform for e-Health in Inaccessible Regions (eHIR) is to assist the IAP programme in spreading awareness among stakeholders in the domain of e-Health, with main thematic focus on telemedicine support to inaccessible regions, emergency situations and e-learning and human resource development.

  • Telemedicine support in this context provides healthcare services across geographic barriers where distance is a critical factor, enabling exchange of information for diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and injuries. In regions with limited infrastructure, space assets can play an important role for realizing such services, whether for day-to-day healthcare or for emergencies.
  • eLearning in this context is remote learning, development, and competence monitoring for healthcare professionals and health workers in general.

The main objective of these IAP awareness activities is to collect and federate users’ ideas and requirements for projects to be conducted within the IAP programme, but also more generally to promote integrated applications in new user communities.


The activities of the ambassador platform will include:

  • Setting up relationships to users that might be interested in partnering with IAP to establish pre-operational solutions to their needs.
  • Organising workshop and awareness events to promote IAP to relevant user communities and to collect their ideas and requirements to improve existing services or establish new ones. The first workshop is to take place in Tromsø, Norway on 10th November 2010 with the title “NST/ESA Ambassador Platform Workshop on e-Health in inaccessible regions”.
  • Setting up of a dedicated eHIR Community Portal to collect groups of users within the e-health domains of common interest where the members can communicate together.

The eHIR community portal ( contains news stories and announcements of IAP events, and makes available useful documents.

The eHIR portal has two main areas: a public area with information accessible without logging into the portal, and a private area with restricted information and resources available to community members only.

By registering to this eHIR community portal one can obtain access to private area information and resources such as member news, documents and an eHIR forum area where one can post and participate in discussions among community portal members.


In order to register to this AP please go to or visit the eHIR registration page (

More info on Integrated Application Promotions (IAP):

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For more info on IAP, click the banner or download the IAP flyer: IAP_flyer_March2010.pdf (3,5MB)

Workshop presentations 'Healthy Living in the High North' 30 November 2012